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IvyStone Sales and Type Coaching provide courses that combine the most widely used psychological type indicator and can help in team building especially in the sales profession. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is much more than just a product, the MBTI® is a powerfully versatile solution that has helped millions of people around the world how to better understand themselves and how they interact with others.

The MBTI is:

  • The best known and most widely trusted personality tool on the market
  • An assessment or indicator, not a test, of our individual preferences and how we use them in relating to the world
  • A communication tool to use everyday both individually and for teams
  • Describes how our mental energy is organized and what we are focused on and why
  • A tool that can allow individuals and managers to identify and develop action plans based on preferences to develop a better and more effective way of communicating

Southwest Airlines:

"The MBTI tool has been used with great success at Southwest in team-building, conflict resolution, and leadership programs. Because most problem areas center on or around communication, Southwest uses the assessment as a diagnostic tool to help employees identify how obstacles, stress, and potential conflict may arise.

"Hallmark Cards, Inc. uses the MBTI® instrument for employee development, and it has done wonders for our company."
Dr. A.C. Lampe, Hallmark Cards

"The information provided by the Myers-Briggs assessment presented self-awareness in such a fun, useful, and enlightening way that we immediately saw its applications and became very excited about it."
Amy Trombley, Vice President
Human Resources Department, Health New England (HNE)

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